Areas of Practice

I dedicate most of my legal practice to the following areas:

Collaborative Law: An innovative process using a team approach to a divorce, separation, or other major change within a family. Participants make a binding agreement to come to a resolution without trial and are able to utilize the services of mental health coaches, a financial neutral, and/or a child specialist to help them in their decision-making process. This approach allows parties more privacy, control, and support than traditional litigation.

Family Law: Divorce, paternity, child support, adoption, and guardianships all fall under the umbrella of family law. I strongly believe that families are better off attempting to reach a lasting agreement with a focus on their future rather than rehashing the past in a court battle. While not all of my cases are collaborative in nature, I bring my training and resources to every family dispute.  While all agreements must be approved by a judge, I no longer accept new litigation cases.

Estate Planning: While few of us enjoy thinking about the day when we will no longer be on this earth, the reality is that we all need to prepare for it. I work closely with my clients to assess their needs and implement a plan that covers as many contingencies as possible, while keeping an eye on practicality.

Probate: When a loved one passes, his or her belongings must be dealt with. For most people, that will involve a formal probate action, regardless of whether or not a formal Will existed. If there is not a will, Oklahoma law provides for how belongings should be distributed among family members.

Nontraditional Families: Families come in all shapes and sizes. Married or unmarried, same sex or opposite sex, cis or trans, love is love. While the core of what makes a family is the same, the legal needs of each of these groups differ widely, and different approaches are necessary. Whether we are addressing family formation or relationship dissolution, everyone deserves an attorney they can feel totally comfortable with who will spend the time to keep up to date on this rapidly evolving legal landscape.

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Karen Keith Wilkins, Attorney at Law

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